June 18, 2021
study finds kids watching Netflix avoid 400 plus hours of ads

Kids Who Watch Netflix are Spared from being Inundated with as Many as 400 Hours of Ads

Children who watch Netflix don’t have to endure as many as 400 hours worth of commercial ads, a new informal study concludes…

There’s no arguing Netflix and its streaming peers have changed the way people watch TV shows and movies. Launching first in the United States, streaming services offer an escape from appointment television.

Today, Netflix alone boasts 148 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Hulu claims 28 million and Amazon has more than 100 million Prime customers. Of course, the reason for this big-time appeal, particularly with Netflix, is there are no commercial ad breaks.

Now, parental resource service, Local Babysitter, has published an article which outlines what that format means relative to children and advertising.

Study Finds Kids Watching Netflix Avoid Up to 400 Hours of Commercial Advertisements

The site combined two data sets. One, states kids between 2 and 5 years of age, watch an average of 1,600 hours a year. Also, children between 6 and 11 years old watch an average of 1,450 hours annually. (These represent between 28 and 31 hours per week.)

The other data set is the average number of ad minutes per hour — which is about 15 minutes.

Using these figures reveals kids who watch Netflix and other ad-free streaming services exclusively are spared from seeing approximately 360 to 400 hours worth of ads per year.

This isn’t a scientific measurement. But going by rough averages, it demonstrates at the very least kids are subjected to significantly less advertising.

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