December 2, 2020
Study Reveals Voice has Plateaued in 2020

Voice Usage has Either Flattened or Declined, New Study Concludes

New data reveals voice use is on an even plane or on the decline in 2020, but this trend is likely to change in the future…

The usage of voice search is at a plateau or falling. This appears to suggest voice technology is not completely living-up to its heavy corporate promotion. As consumers, we tend to over-hype new technology in the short-term. But do not give much thought as to how it will ultimately change and shape the future.

Study Reveals Voice has Plateaued in 2020

Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, have created a niche market, but the use of them, along with smart speakers, have plateaued. This, according to a study by Perficient Digital. The study finds voice search comes in second to typing. Actually, voice search actually takes fourth place, when including the other methods, such as opening Google, rival search engines, or just the search window on a mobile device.

What’s more, although college graduates and those with more education use voice more often than their counterparts, the overall usage has still dropped. For instance, smart speakers are almost never a choice for US adults. Certain factors — such as the voice assistant not understanding the voice commands — might deter people from using it altogether.

Manufacturers and marketers alike care much about this decline because voice is considered the future of search. This, due to the fact that 77 percent of internet connected devices are now, not a PC, tablet, or even smartphones. The reason for this is that voice input is more efficient than other methods.

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