September 24, 2022
YouTube Android picture-in-picture

More YouTube Android Users can Now Enjoy Picture-in-Picture without a Subscription

The once exclusive YouTube Android picture-in-picture feature, previously only available to subscribers, rolls out to more users running Oreo…

Android Oreo introduced a nifty YouTube picture-in-picture option. But, it only came with a paid subscription. Now, the company is making it available to all users, regardless if they pay a monthly fee or not — sort of.

Subscription-Free YouTube Android Picture-in-Picture Rolls Out

Earlier this year, some people reported having the functionality, on their Android device, even though they did not subscribe to YouTube Red (now called YouTube Premium). Although, all were on Oreo, the latest version of Android, at the time. But, not everyone saw it.

This week, more Android Oreo users are reporting having access to the feature on Reddit, despite not paying for a Premium subscription. Currently, this seems like it’s restricted to the U.S., along with some other strings. For instance, it doesn’t work with music videos. (This is probably due to the fact Google just recently introduced YouTube Music, a paid service.)

It also comes after a recent study found that teens prefer YouTube over Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram. That makes sense, since teens are the largest demographic of video consumption.

Back in late May, the company began experimenting with users’ subscription feeds. The video platform also started testing an incognito mode on its mobile app