September 16, 2022
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Survey: Amazon Leading Consumer Product Search Engine

A new report finds the most used consumer product search engine is Amazon, beating out search engines Google and Bing by a wide margin…

A survey conducted for retail personalization platform BloomReach finds Amazon is the leading consumer product search engine, increasing its use substantially in year-over-year figures. (The September “State of Amazon” poll included 2,000 American consumers.)

BloomReach consumer product search engine study
Credit: BloomReach

The research shows an increase of where consumers begin their product search. Of the respondents, 55 percent started their searches on Amazon during September of this year, compared 44 percent in 2015. This bests Google and Bing, which captured 28 percent of product searches. It likewise outpaces retailer sites, which accounted for 16 percent.

Study Reveals Amazon the Top Consumer Product Search Engine

Amazon is the most used starting point for product searches in the United States, accounting for nearly twice the use of traditional search engines. Although, search engine fare better on mobile devices, taking 34 percent compared to Amazon’s 50 percent.

BloomReach consumer product search engine study mobile devices
Credit: BloomReach

However, another study by PowerReviews of 1,000 U.S. participants found a narrower margin, with the Amazon consumer product search engine capturing 38 percent, versus Google’s 35 percent.

Even when the online retailer is not the initial starting point for product search, the majority of consumer still use the e-commerce site, “9 in 10 say they check Amazon even if they found a product they want on a retailer’s site.”

At least part of the reason Amazon stays the leading consumer product search engine is due to user experience. A full 53 percent stated Amazon is superior to most retailers. Moreover, 58 percent of respondents reported leaving other retailers in favor of Amazon after poor site experience.

Another incredible finding is 94 percent of the participants state they will do at least half their holiday shopping on Amazon, something quite unsettling to traditional retailers. This news is in stark contrast to a Google study which found search engines dominate mobile shopping.

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