September 14, 2021
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Survey Reveals How much People would Pay to Use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and More

A recent survey reveals how much the average consumer would pay to use social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and more…

McGuffin Creative Group recently conducted a survey of 2,004 consumers from June 14th to 15th of adults ranging from 18 to 71. Within the group, 55 percent were female and 45 percent were male. The firm asked participants how much they’d pay to access the most popular social media platforms.

Survey Reveals How much Consumers would Pay to Use Social Media

The lure of social media is it’s free to use. (Of course, this means the end-consumers are the product.) But, what would the average person pay to access the top social media sites?

“In a recent study, we set out to measure the value regular users placed on 16 of the most widely-used apps, asking respondents what they’d pay if a subscription fee was required. They had the option to say they would pay nothing and discontinue use, without access to a free alternative.”

YouTube topped the list at $4.20 per month, with 78 percent of respondents saying they’d pay. Facebook actually came in fourth behind Google Maps and Google Drive at $2.92 per month.

Meanwhile, participants would pay $2.84 per month to use LinkedIn, with people saying they’d pay $2.56 for Instagram. Facebook Messenger rounded out the top ten at $2.73 per month.

WhatsApp and Twitter earned 11th and 12th place, at $2.38 and $2.35 per month, respectively. Coming in 14th and 15th were Pinterest and Snapchat, both at $1.87 per month.

Credit: McGuffin

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