October 1, 2022
suspended Twitter accounts

Twitter Suspended 58 Million Accounts in the Last Quarter of 2017, Report Reveals

Suspended Twitter accounts have risen to a total of 128 million in a five month timeframe, some recent news reports show…

Social microblog Twitter reportedly suspended 70 million accounts during May and June of this year. It was part of its fight against fake news and the spread of misleading information. Now, the Associated Press reports the company previously suspended at least 58 million in the last three months of 2017.

Suspended Twitter Accounts Hits 128 Million

The platform is well-known as a playground for bots and not real people. So, it enacted new rules, restricting the use of third-party apps, which go into effect August 18th. The latest report states the purges began in the “firehose” stream, a premium feed which surfaces breaking news in real-time for subscribers.

The company insists it isn’t targeting profiles for their political beliefs but instead, is focusing on weeding out bots. In fact, Twitter recently announced it would inject more news into users’ timelines and has also suspended numerous accounts for “tweetdecking.”

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