October 1, 2022
T-Mobile Play bloatware

T-Mobile Foists its Own Bloatware, T-Mobile Play, Right alongside the Google Discover Feed

T-Mobile is adding its own bloat to its mobile REVVLRY and REVVLRY+ smartphones, which appears alongside the Google Discover feed…

With limited screen real estate, app developers must offer something unique to get consumers’ attention. The Google Discover feed, once known as Google Now, is one which helps people keep up on their interests in the form of articles and videos.

But, mobile manufacturers and carriers alike also want to create loyal customers. They do so by setting their devices apart. One way is through their own software experience. Enter T-Mobile Play, the carrier’s take on Google Discover.

T-Mobile Play Bloatware comes Alongside Google Discover Feed

T-Mobile Play is accessible, apparently on its REVVLRY and REVVLRY+ smartphones, right next to the Google Discover feed. 

It works much like any other news feed, with curated content being based on users’ interests. And, it also plays video ads before rolling content (though the ads are skippable). 

Right now, it’s confined to the REVVLRY phones but the app description states it will show up on more devices “in the future.”

Credit: 9to5Google / T-Mobile

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