September 30, 2022
tablet and smartphone market share

Tablets Experience Double Digit Decline while Smartphone Sales Grow

Tablet shipments recorded a steep decline in the first quarter of the year, but smartphone shipments increased in Q1, although their pace is slowing down…

The tablet market continues to suffer sluggish sales as it saw a double-digit drop of 10 percent in a year-over-year comparison, according to a preliminary report from research company Strategy Analytics. Conversely, smartphone shipments rose by 11 percent, according to Counterpoint for the same period.

Tablet Sales Fall by Double Digit Decline as Smartphone Sales Rise but Pace Slows Down

Tablet sales peaked about 2014 after experiencing one of the hottest markets in consumer technology. However, manufacturers struggled to innovate the mobile products every 12 months. As a result, consumers held onto these devices for years, causing a decline in sales.

tablet and smartphone market share Q1 2017 chart

Meanwhile, the smartphone market is growing but its pace is beginning to trend down. The phenomenon is due to higher demand in emerging markets, with sales of low-cost devices on the rise. But in developed markets, the figure is just holding on.

Although Strategy Analytics reports a double-digit decrease for tablets in Q1 2017, IDC estimates a drop of 8.5 percent. Regardless, the tablet market continues to shrink. Which is why Google did not introduce a new tablet device when it unveiled the Pixel. Manufacturers might find more interest in the hybrid market as systems such as Android and Chrome converge.

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