October 17, 2021
Telegram adds message scheduling along with theme tweaks and more

Telegram Introduces Targeted Message Scheduling, Adds Theme Tweaks, and More

Telegram’s latest app update comes with new targeted message scheduling options, includes tweaks to the theme, and more…

Telegram released its most recent update, version 5.13, and it now supports gradient/pattern themes, includes contacts’ online status for scheduling messages, quicker access to Night Mode, a few new animations, and other improvements.

Telegram Adds Targeted Message Scheduling, along with Theme Tweaks, and More

Telegram, with its freshest update, is now capable of targeting contacts for scheduling messages, via their online status. It now also supports various gradients and patterns for themes. And, there are additionally new animations.

The new message scheduling option allows users to send communiques when recipients are online, rather than at specific times.

There’s also better video quality, faster access to Night Mode, and more. Read about the changes on the official Telegram blog. Here’s a quick summary of the changelog: 

New in version 5.13:

• Create themes with color gradients and patterns.
• Schedule messages to be sent when your recipient comes online.
• Choose venues more easily when sharing your location.
• Switch to Night Mode and back directly from the left menu.
• Get dark maps in Night Mode.
• Choose video quality in a more intuitive way when sending videos.
• Try dragging down in user profiles or jumping between messages in a chat to see new animations.
• Discover 31 other bug fixes and improvements.

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