June 23, 2021
Telegram Files EU Antitrust Complaint against Apple

Telegram Follows Spotify and Rakuten by Filing an EU Antitrust Complaint against Apple

Telegram is the third company to file a formal antitrust complaint in the European Union against Apple over its 30 percent take…

In the wake of the US House’s antitrust hearings with Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, there’s more to come. And, this time, it’s in the European Union, where Telegram has filed an official complaint against the Apple corporation over its high commission cut.

Telegram Files EU Antitrust Complaint against Apple

Telegram follows Spotify and Rakuten, two companies that have lobbied the EU to take action against Apple’s App Store lock-in and 30 percent commission. The Telegram case is quite similar to Spotify and Rakuten, arguing the 30 percent take is too much and that prohibiting consumers from downloading apps from other sources harms competition.

Telegram co-founder and CEO Pavel Durov published an open letter7 Myths Apple Is Using to Justify Their 30% Tax on Apps,” just this week. In it, Durov argues that Apple’s cost of running its App Store simply doesn’t amount to justifying the 30 percent cut. Additionally, Durov says that companies cannot solely rely on building apps only for Android because of iOS’s popularity.

Although these claims might indeed be true, they are probably not enough to get the European Union’s competition authority to take decisive action.

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