November 5, 2022
Tesla YouTube and Netflix streaming support

Elon Musk Announces via Tweet Tesla Cars will Gain Support to Stream Netflix and YouTube

Elon Musk tweeted Tesla vehicles will have the ability to stream both YouTube and Netflix once regulators approve self-driving technology…

Although Tesla recently introduced new games for its in-car infotainment console, there’s more yet to come. That is, according to Elon Musk, who revealed the company plans to add streaming support for Netflix and YouTube.

Tesla YouTube and Netflix Streaming Support Announced

The coming Tesla streaming support for YouTube and Netflix will apparently happen “soon.” But, that’s a relatively subjective term, given it’s only feasible after US government regulators approve the manufacturer’s self-driving technology.

Of course, Tesla owners can just stream music videos and movies anytime they want. The vehicle must be stopped. Or, in full self-driving mode.

What’s most intriguing about the news is that it will probably debut in the lower-end models, like the Model 3 and the upcoming Model Y.

This is due to the fact that higher-end models, like the Model S and Model X, while equipped with larger screens, those displays are vertically oriented. In other words, a markedly smaller portion of the screen will play streaming content, wasting a bunch of blank space. 

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