May 26, 2022
SMS text message issue

Strange Issue Causing Text Messages Sent On or About Valentine’s Day just Being Received Now

Anecdotal reports have hit the internet, with people experiencing receiving text messages sent on or about Valentine’s Day only in the last day or so…

People have taken to social media and online forums to report receiving text messages sent on or around Valentine’s Day. While most are innocuous, some are outright disturbing — being from senders who are now deceased.

Text Messages Sent On or About Valentine’s Day just Now Showing Up to Recipients

The issue appears to be tied to third-party vendors, with Sprint and T-Mobile acknowledging the problem. However, both Verizon and AT&T have not publicly commented on the situation. 

Apparently, text messages people sent back in February this year, didn’t make it to intended recipients. Instead, those communications went out yesterday morning or the night before.

It’s a strange circumstance and one that’s impacted people en masse. Hopefully, an explanation will follow soon.

Ashley Lipman

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