May 22, 2022
fake news early warning system

The BBC joins Tech Giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter in Using an ‘Early Warning System’ to Combat Disinformation

The British Broadcasting Company has announced it’s partnered with Facebook, Twitter, and Google in rolling out a new system to fight misinformation…

Tech companies understand the dangers of fake news. So, they are forming an alliance with a well-known media organization to stop the spread of false information.

The BBC, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to Deploy ‘Early Warning System’ to Fight Fake News

The BBC has teamed-up with Twitter, Google, and Facebook on a new method of combating fake news. The strategy includes an “early warning system,” that lets organizations to inform one another when they identify misinformation.

Particularly, when the companies encounter false content that “threatens human life or disrupts democracy.”

The news comes as several key political campaigns are underway. And, after other elections have been affected by disinformation.

The BBC writes the following:

“The new measures include an early warning system for use during elections or when lives may be at risk, extra online education and improved access to impartial resources for voters.

Major publishers, Google, Twitter and Facebook have helped devise the scheme.”

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