November 3, 2022
The Google Photos Android App Now Displays Uploads in Recently Added Section

Google has Finally Fixed this Upload Annoyance on the Photos Android App

Google Photos uploads previously showed up according to the stamped date in the Android app, but now, they can more easily be located…

Google applied some big updates to its Photos platform, particularly the Android app, just about a week ago. It now sports a new map view, a refreshed fan-shaped icon, along with a three-tab design. Plus, the Google Photos app for Android now includes something that was available on the desktop site.

The Google Photos Android App Now Displays Uploads in ‘Recently Added’ Section

Google Photos automatically sorts pictures in reverse-chronological order. So, the newest images show up at the top. While this works quite well most of the time, it does have a drawback — uploads with older date stamps. If uploaded snaps contain the right EXIF data, they are placed in chronological order. In other words, they’ll be dispersed according to their date/time stamp and won’t appear at the top.

However, with the latest update to the Google Photos Android app, that quirk will no longer frustrate users, who previously had to sift through their entire libraries to find what they just uploaded. Instead, those uploads are now placed in the “Recently Added” section in the search function.

To find uploads on the mobile app, just open it up and tap on the Search magnifying glass icon. Then, scroll down to Your Activity > Recently Added.

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