September 19, 2022
The Google Search App Dark Mode Finally Arrives

Google Brings a Dark Theme to its Mobile Search App for Android 10, iOS 12, and iOS 13

Google has applied a dark theme option to its mobile search app, after adding to a number of its properties over the last year…

If there’s one thing in the tech world people will remember about 2019, it was arguably the widespread application of dark themes. They appeared just about everywhere, including Twitter, and a plethora of Google products. But, the option wasn’t applied to its mobile search app. Now, it’s here and compatible with certain platforms.

The Google Search App Dark Mode Finally Arrives

Google has added a dark mode to its mobile search app, which is already beginning to show up on some devices. The new Google search app dark theme will come to more devices but might need to be manually enabled. (It should automatically turn on for Android 10 users, and iOS 13; whereas iOS 12 might require a manual switch.)

The search engine first brought a dark mode to its beta releases for a few months. However, it’s only now expanding to wide roll out. If it’s something that certain users don’t want, it can be disabled from within the app. But remember, it reduces battery drain and is also easier on the eyes. Plus, it provides a more uniform look as more and more apps also get dark themes.

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