September 22, 2021
Google Translator Toolkit shuts down

Google is Shutting its Translator Toolkit Down Today

Google is sun-setting its Google Translator Toolkit today, after more than a decade on the web, advising users to download their data…

Google has called it quits for its Translator Toolkit. Effective today, it’s no longer available for use. (Which shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s not received any updates for quite some time now.

The Google Translator Toolkit Shuts Down Today

Google sunsets its Translator Toolkit as there are many alternatives on the internet. This shouldn’t be confused with Google Translate, which isn’t at all affected. Rather, this is a system Google built back in 2009, when there were very few options available.

Google explains on a support page the following:

“Google Translator Toolkit launched over a decade ago to help our users, translators, and the world create and share translations. When we first launched, there were few web-based options for translation editors, but now there are many great tools available, including Google Translate, which will continue to be available and is unaffected by this. As a result, we’ve seen declining usage for Translator Toolkit over the past few years. So now, after many years and billions of words translated, we’re saying goodbye to Translator Toolkit. A warm thank you to our users around the world.”

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