January 17, 2022
The Instagram Chronological Feed will Return

It’s True, Instagram is Bringing Back the Chronological Feed (but it Won’t be the Same as Before)

Instagram’s beloved chronological feed is being brought back to the platform but it will be one of three among two other choices…

Yes, Instagram will resurrect its chronological feed after being absent for some time. One of the most heavily requested features of the social network, the chronological feed was extraordinarily popular and greatly missed when Instagram switched over to algorithms. But at long last, the Meta (Facebook) subsidiary will bring its chronological feed back, only this time, it won’t be the only choice.

The Instagram Chronological Feed will Return

The Instagram chronological feed will return and with it comes two other user preferences. People can select the old chronological feed which will of course go in order of post time and date. Or, users can stick with the current way, which displays posts algorithmically. Also, an option is a favorites feed which will show posts of family, friends, and favorited profiles. Apparently, people will be able to switch back and forth and set one of the three as a default, if desired.

Instagram replaced its chronological feed with an algorithmic one almost 5 years ago in June 2016. Instead of showing posts based on a chronological timeline, the feed was populated by the most relevant posts. Of course, the software behind it was supposed to accurately interpret individual users’ interests and select content that they would probably most like to see and engage with. However, the algorithmic feed has remained unpopular among Instagram’s user Bass and now its preferred chronological format will return.

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