May 22, 2022
The Latest Version of WhatsApp Introduces Mention Notifications

WhatsApp will Soon Tell Users when Someone Else is Talking about Them

The most recent beta build of WhatsApp includes a small but notable change that adds mention notifications…

WhatsApp already does quite a bit in the way of notifications. It’s quick to alert users when they have new messages. And, the platform also lets people quiet notifications when they would not like to be disturbed. But now, the company has introduced a new type of notification that will tell users when someone else is talking about them. This, according to the folks over at TechRadar.

The Latest Version of WhatsApp Introduces Mention Notifications

The newest beta release of WhatsApp introduces a new mention notification that pops up when people reference someone in a group chat. Moreover, it apparently works when someone uses the @ operator symbol pretty much anywhere on the platform. This follows a recent improvement in which a profile picture now appears in new messages. That edition made it a lot easier to see who’s in communication and sort through conversations more quickly.

Although this is by no means a huge change, it’s certainly is a useful one to keep up with what’s going on in relation to specific users. It could certainly be most helpful in group discussions, alerting particular people when they’ve been mentioned inside the chat. However, since it’s only appearing in the beta version doesn’t mean it will make its way to the stable release, though it is likely to be part of a future version.

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