March 6, 2021
the potential future of Zoom

What’s Zoom’s Plan for the Future after its Many Recent Missteps?

Zoom’s meteoric rise has been slowed by several missteps along the way and for it to go forward, the company must restore public trust…

Zoom was created in 2011 and launched in 2013. The company has recently been in the news headlines but not for positive reasons. The public has grown increasingly worried about its security and privacy. (Some have even experienced intrusions from uninvited participants.)

The Potential Future of Zoom

Although originally known as a great alternative to other software like LifeSize and WebEx, Zoom could risk a downturn. Even though it’s been used as a good video conferencing tool for businesses, school sessions, and parties alike, it’s reputation is precarious.

The main concern is is its vulnerability to hackers. Users need privacy and security assurances. For instance, there are numerous reports of hijacking — known as Zoomboming — where explicit content was aired during an ongoing class session. Such issues could deal a huge blow if end-user confidence isn’t restored.

Nevertheless, there were hundreds of millions of downloads reported in the past month. This, due to the fact the company’s C.E.O, Eric Yuan, assured the public that several measures were already underway — including improved security and functionality. Meanwhile, Zoom continues to be a useful tool for businesses, schools, and individuals. But that could easily change, if the company doesn’t self-correct.

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