July 30, 2021
Twitter spam reporting tool

Twitter just Made the Following Changes to its Spam Reporting Tool and They’re Good

The Twitter spam reporting tool now allows users to select specific categories and to report fake accounts, as well, a big improvement…

Social microblog Twitter just added more ways to classify spam reporting to its platform. Now, instead of flagging a tweet as spam, users can choose from a new menu of choices. Among the options is a fake account reporting tool.

The Twitter Spam Reporting Tool now Includes Type Specification and Fake Account Marking

Twitter suffers from a notorious reputation as a digital space which harbors trolls, spam, and bots. Too often, little to nothing is done about these, including fake accounts. But, the site has embarked on a mission over the past few months to really clean up the platform.

Spammers often post prohibited content because there’s usually few or no consequences. This includes things like phishing links, malicious links, and other dangers.

With the introduction of the new reporting options, users have more choices at their disposal, which might help to better clear the network for problematic content.

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