September 20, 2022
These Six Android Media Editing Apps Steal Users' Sensitive Data

Uninstall These Media Editing Apps Right Now to Prevent Personal Data Theft

A newly discovered crop of malicious Android apps in the Google Play Store are perpetrating data theft by posing as legitimate media editing tools…

Even though Google deploys algorithms, filters, and uses other checks to ensure apps are safe in the Play Store, some bad ones still manage to sneak past the safeguards. A recent report by VPNpro reveals new spyware and malicious apps with more than 100 million downloads are victimizing users.

These Six Android Media Editing Apps Steal Users’ Sensitive Data

All of the apps in question, including additional shady apps will over 50 million installs, are managing to hide in plain sight on the Google Play Store. Unsurprisingly, these are disguised as legitimate media editing apps. But, their real purpose is nefarious — reading and writing files to external sources, tracking users’ specific GPS locations, reading contact lists, and worst of all, stealing banking information without users ever knowing any of these behaviors are happening.

Equally unsurprising, is these malware apps are mostly created by the same Chinese developers who are behind number of other shady mobile applications, both past and present. As stated, these pose as legitimate media editing apps, but really deploy malware and steal sensitive user information. The apps in question are as follows: 

  • Tempo – Music Video Editor with Effects
  • SlidePlus – Photo Slideshow Maker
  • VivaCut – Pro Video Editor APP
  • VidStatus – Status Videos & Status Downloader
  • VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD
  • VivaVideo

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