October 1, 2022
thief steals Facebook hard drives containing employee payroll data from workers car

Someone just Allegedly Swiped a Bunch of Facebook Hard Drives with Employee Payroll Data from a Worker’s Car

Facebook has reportedly been victimized by a thief who has stolen hard drives which contain employees’ data from a worker’s car…

The world’s largest social network is apparently the victim of a form of identity theft. Facebook claims a thief broken into a payroll worker’s car and stole several hard drives that contained unencrypted payroll information for around 29,000 current and former US employees.

Thief Allegedly Steals Facebook Hard Drives with Payroll Data from Employee’s Car

The theft took place on November 17th. But, it wasn’t until three days later the company noticed the missing property, according to Bloomberg

About twelve days later, on November 29th, the company determined the stolen hard drives contained payroll data and started to informing affected workers as of today.

Said data reportedly includes employee names, banking details, salaries, bonus figures, stock information, along with the last four digits of social security numbers.

Facebook is providing identity theft and credit monitoring to any impacted employees and has been working with law enforcement. Although, the company has not yet seen any “evidence of abuse.” However, the data might still show up online at some point.

The worker who put the hard drives in his or her car was not authorized to take the machines from Facebook’s office. The company states it has already “taken appropriate disciplinary action.”

Facebook has released the following statement:

“We are working with law enforcement as they investigate a recent car break-in and theft of an employee’s bag containing company equipment with employee payroll information stored on it. We have seen no evidence of abuse and believe this was a smash and grab crime rather than an attempt to steal employee information.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have notified the current and former employees whose information we believe was stored on the equipment – people who were on our U.S. payroll in 2018 – and are offering them free identity theft and credit monitoring services. This theft impacts current and former Facebook employees only and no Facebook user data was involved.”

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