December 9, 2021
third-party Twitter apps

Twitter Officially Shuts Out Hundreds of Third-Party Apps

Third-party Twitter apps face even more challenges than ever before, thanks to the microblog’s policy changes to its legacy API…

Social microblog Twitter made good on its promise to greatly limit third-party app access to its platform. This comes after a slew of events leading up to the changes to the site’s API. For instance, Twitterrific depreciated its push notifications and live-updated tweets tools in early July. 

Third-Party Twitter Apps as Legacy API Access Shuts Down

At the beginning of June, Twitter announced it would restrict third-party apps as of August 16th. Now, it’s done precisely that. 

The company is on a trend to improve its platform through a number of changes. For instance, Twitter started to tackle its bot problem back in February. Then, in March, the microblog suspended a number of accounts for tweetdecking

Now, Twitter is making two big changes: 

  • Third-party apps can no longer stream tweets in real-time.
  • The company will delay or prevent push notifications.

While none of these changes will break third-party apps, they certainly will limit functionality. Since third-party apps can no longer stream tweets in real-time, users will have to manually refresh their feeds.

Fortunately, Twitter functionality on Android should not be heavily affected. But, for iOS, it’s a different story. Additionally, the microblog states it will severely limit or totally prevent push notifications by third-party apps. Additionally, allowable push notifications will now be delayed by one to two minutes.