January 27, 2022
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Third-Party WordPress Plugins, Themes Now Supported by the Automattic CMS

Third-party WordPress support for plugins and themes come to the CMS by Automattic, giving web developers and end-users more customization options…

The most used CMS or content management system, WordPress, just announced it now supports third-party plugins and themes. For those unfamiliar, plugins are compact software programs which perform specific functions, such as forms, payment portals, SEO capabilities, and much more. These programs just “plugin” to the backend. And, themes are simply the aesthetic looks and layouts.

Third-Party WordPress Plugins, Themes Support Now Available through the Automattic CMS

The new third-party plugin and theme support for WordPress is now open on the WordPress.com for the most expensive monthly business plan. However, this is a welcome change as there are some very useful tools previously not compatible with the WordPress.com CMS. 

“For many years, WordPress.com has been a simple way for people to create their own beautiful WordPress website in minutes. But that simplicity came with a tradeoff — WordPress.com did not offer built-in support for the thousands of third-party plugins and themes that helped make WordPress the world’s largest and most open web publishing platform,” Mark Armstrong of Automattic explains.

The platform did not previously support third-party plugins and themes simply because these can easily be exploited for nefarious purposes. WordPress is so widely used because it’s among the most user-friendly and customizable CMS platforms on the web.

WordPress states it is rolling the support out slowly and will also work with partners, as well as developers, over the coming weeks and months to ensure quality performance. The company likewise states its WordPress business users will continue to receive real-time concierge support.

The announcement does not address support for third-party plugins and themes for self-hosted sites.

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