September 19, 2022

TikTok Takes Action, Banning some Advertisers while Cracking Down on Weight Loss Ads

TikTok has barred some advertisers from its platform and is tightening its restrictions on weight loss ads that promote ‘harmful’ body images…

TikTok is back in the news and this time, it’s not over security and user data concerns. Instead, the Chinese-based short-form video sharing app is taking action against certain brands for their advertisements, along with making changes to its advertising policies regard weight loss products and regimens. 

TikTok Bans some Advertisers and Cracks Down on Weight Loss Ads

TikTok has faced harsh criticism over its allowance of adverts and user-created videos that seem to promote eating disorders or what appear to be unhealthy dieting practices. Some of the new restrictions are vague but do largely get the point across the company won’t allow potentially harmful or negative body imagery and language. Tara Wadhwa, Safety Policy Manager, for TikTok in the United States, writes the following on the company’s official blog:

“Brands play an integral role on our platform, and our advertising policies are developed to help establish parameters for the ad content within that community experience. To that end, we’re introducing new ad policies that ban ads for fasting apps and weight loss supplements, and increase restrictions on ads that promote a harmful or negative body image. These types of ads do not support the positive, inclusive, and safe experience we strive for on TikTok.”

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