November 28, 2021
TikTok now a YouTube competitor among children ages 4 to 15

TikTok by the Numbers: A Looming Threat to Competitor Video-Centric Services

TikTok’s popularity can’t be ignored, particularly among the youth demographic, with watch numbers to rival competitor YouTube…

Qustodio, a startup dedicated to internet safety and online usage behavior, has revealed that children are now dedicating nearly as much time to TikTok as they do on YouTube. The analysis was conducted with the help of 60,000 families across the US, the UK, and Spain between February 2019 and April 2020. As such, it is worth noting that the study does not represent overall global trends.

TikTok Becomes a Major YouTube Competitor Among Children

The firm’s annual report shows that children ages four and 15 consume an average of 85 minutes on YouTube each day, compared to roughly 80 minutes on TikTok. Furthermore, kids’ social app usage increased by 100 percent in 2019, followed by 200 percent in 2020 due in part to the short-form video app. The data paints a potential decline in YouTube’s market dominance, which the platform has strongly maintained since its launch in 2005.

In fact, TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps globally in 2019, reaching 614 million downloads as reported by Sensor Tower. The app’s popularity also appears to rival other long-established platforms such as Instagram. In February 2020, TikTok was used by 16.5 percent of children in the US compared to 20.4 percent for Instagram. In Spain and the UK, meanwhile, TikTok was used by 37.7 percent and 17.7 percent of children, respectively.

Qustodio has also taken the COVID-19 crisis into consideration, which might have affected TikTok’s rapid growth in 2020 so far. “The world is not going to return to the way things were, because screen-time rates were already increasing. COVID-19 just accelerated the process,” the Qustodio report added.

If the previous year is any indication of continuing growth, however, this could lead the Google-owned giant to take drastic measures in an effort for continued user retention.