July 15, 2020
TikTok Chinese version Douyin hits 400 million daily active users

Ever Heard of Douyin? The Chinese Version of TikTok? It just Hit 400 Million Daily Active Users

Douyin, the Chinese market version of the very popular TikTok short-form video app, has reached 400 million daily active users…

While Russian incrementally continues its Balkanization, creating its own internet, China has long before done the same.

For instance, Baidu.com is the Google of China. Then, there’s RenRen, its own version of Facebook. And, the country also has its own TikTok app, which is called Douyin, which just reached 400 million daily users.

TikTok Chinese Version Douyin Hits 400 Million Daily Active Users

Douyin, the Chinese-only TikTok app, now claims nearly half a billion daily users, compared to 700 million for TikTok. Last year at this time, its user base was almost half that size, coming in at 250 million.

According to its parent company ByteDance,14.89 million “knowledge-based content videos” were shared on the app last year. 

Douyin is also popular among many age groups. While TikTok is mostly dominated by Gen X and Gen Z, some of Douyin’s most popular personalities were born in the 1960s.

It also boasts a far-reach throughout the country. Douyin actually comprises an astounding 67.9 percent of China’s mobile social network users.

Katherine Wu, an investor at New York-based firm Notation Capital, explains:

“The behavioral differences also underscore one major thing to me: there really isn’t a ‘one-size-fit-all’ social app that exists. Different regions like different types of content, even though the medium itself (in this case, short-form video) is the same. Cultural factors (geography, age, local pop culture) play a huge role in how users end up using a product.”

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