July 28, 2021
TikTok Expands its Parental Control Features

TikTok Expands its Parental Control Tools to Make Teens’ Accounts more Private

TikTok has improved its parental controls, adding a few more granular tools to help better protect teens and tweens privacy and safety…

Super-popular short-form video app TikTok has expanded its parental controls to give adults more tools to limit what their children can see and their level of privacy. TikTok already had parental controls but now, there’s more granular options. For instance, new content restrictions and who can view kids’ accounts. These new options are all part of TikTok’s Family Pairing systems.

TikTok Expands its Parental Control Features

With the newly expanded parental controls, it’s now possible to restrict who can comment on a child’s videos. Also, who is able to see what videos they’ve liked. Plus, limiting accounts so that only real-life friends can see what they’ve been up to lately. (TikTok already offers an option for parents to turn off or limit direct messages, as well.)

Along with these, there are some new content restrictions. Now, parents can stop their kids from searching for videos. What’s more, limit or stop them from searching hashtags, sounds, or other users. The platform already boasts a “restricted mode” which hides age-inappropriate videos and a screen time tool that sets time limits on browsing.

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