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TikTok Now Gives Parents the Ability to Set Time Limits and Vet DMs on Teen Accounts

TikTok Family Safety Mode Parental Controls Debuts in the UK

Credit: CMF Trends

TikTok, the wildly popular short-form social video sharing app among tweens and teens, now includes new parental controls…

There’s no doubting the ubiquity of social media among tweens and teens all over the world. Perhaps the most popular at the moment is Chinese-based ByteDance subsidiary TikTok.

With such a large young user base, children’s safety is definitely part of the environment. Now, TikTok has introduced new set of parental controls.

TikTok Family Safety Mode Parental Controls Debuts in the UK

TikTok Family Safety Mode allows parents to monitor their kids’ accounts, being able to control a number of aspects of the platform’s functions.

It’s part of a trend TikTok has demonstrated. For instance, last year, it introduced an age check feature. And recently, it started banning videos that included “underage delinquent behavior.”

With TikTok’s new Family Safety Mode, parents are able to decide how long their children can spend on the app each day. Also, parents are now able to limit to disable DMs or direct messages. Plus, there’s now a restricted mode, which gives parents the power to set restrictions on the type of content their kids can see.

TikTok Family Safety Mode is now live in the United Kingdom and is set to roll out to other countries in the coming weeks.

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