October 3, 2022
TikTok is Reportedly Testing a New Job Recruitment Tool

TikTok is Experimenting with a LinkedIn-Like Feature with Job Recruitment Tools

TikTok is quietly working on some job recruitment features that tentatively include video resumes, but these won’t appear in the app’s core…

TikTok apparently wants to move beyond fancy dance moves and cleverly-edited clips. In fact, some creators have already offered career advice. But, that’s not enough. The company reportedly wants to offer its users ways to find employment through its wildly-popular short-form video platform. News reports claim TikTok is helping to connect companies with potential employees and vice versa. 

TikTok is Reportedly Testing a New Job Recruitment Tool

The tools currently in testing include video resumes. But, it seems none of the job recruitment features will be baked into the core TikTok app. Instead, these will reside on a dedicated web page, with posted job listings. Leveraging its video prowess, TikTok will allow users to create and upload video resumes, putting a more exciting spin on the boring text-only alternative. (It might even be possible to add a video resume to a profile, as well.)

As one might suppose, the job listing probably won’t be for C-Suite, executive positions. Rather, it will most likely include entry-level employment positions. After all, the majority of TikTok’s base are tweens and teens, so this makes a lot of sense.

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