September 16, 2022
TikTok Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Worldwide Mobile App Users

Oh Yeah, Despite a Very Tumultuous Year, TikTok is Thriving and This Number Proves It

TikTok has managed to weather a very disruptive year, even overcoming a lot of negative press, to hit one billion monthly users…

TikTok isn’t just a flash-in-the-pan fad. At least, not yet. The short-form video app now boasts one billion monthly users and that’s really saying something. Particularly considering rivals Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram have even bigger numbers. (And, have copied TikTok’s forte on both platforms, giving people alternatives that aren’t at least tangentially related to the Chinese communist party and the Chinese government, at large.)

TikTok Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Users

Almost five years since Twitter shut down Vine, TikTok has emerged as one platform that can attract and retain an impressive monthly user base. This is a very big feat, particularly given the fact that it’s become a home to many questionable, irresponsible, and even dangerous “challenges.” The company announced the milestone in a recent blog post, writing, in-part:

“TikTok has become a beloved part of life for people around the world because of the creativity and authenticity of our creators. Our global community is remarkable in its ability to reach millions of people, across generations. From music, food, beauty and fashion to art, causes, and everything in between, culture truly starts on TikTok.”

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