July 3, 2022
TikTok Testing Algorithmic Changes, Age-Restrictions for Younger Users

TikTok is Making Changes to its Platform for Younger Users

TikTok seeks to classify content based on “content maturity and thematic comfort zones” to better serve age-appropriate content to younger users…

TikTok is well known for its algorithmic targeting, being able to match up users’ interests with relative content. Anyone who regularly visits the platform knows the more they engage the better the experience delivers. The system is by no means perfect, particularly when it comes to younger users who explore many types of subjects. This leaves tweens and teens open to seeing inappropriate media for their age. So, TikTok is testing adjustments in its algorithms to keep inappropriate content from surfacing for its younger users.

TikTok Testing Algorithmic Changes, Age-Restrictions for Younger Users

TikTok first gained its popularity when it was known by its former moniker Musical.ly. A china-based mobile application, and its first version, it gave users the ability to lip-sync and dance along with popular music. Rebranded TikTok, the short-form video interface expanded to give content creators and end-users alike more tools and features.

With its media work rise in engagement around the world, it now hosts an incredible amount of content, and not all of it is age-appropriate for younger users. Hence, the company is experimenting with ways to better train and deploy its algorithm so that teens and tweens alike have more age-appropriate experiences.

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