August 8, 2020
TikTok tests Discover tab and WhatsApp sharing shortcut

TikTok Tests a New Discover Tab and Experiments with a New WhatsApp Sharing Shortcut

TikTok is now running two experiments — one with a new Discover tab and the other with a new WhatsApp sharing shortcut…

Current social media darling TikTok is taking a page right out of the playbook of rival Facebook. The popular video creation and sharing app is testing a Discover tab. And, it’s also experimenting with a quick WhatsApp sharing button.

TikTok Tests New Discover Tab and Experiments with WhatsApp Sharing Shortcut

The new TikTok Discover tab and its new WhatsApp sharing option were both uncovered by Jane Manchung Wong, a software engineer with a long history of uncovering hidden and coming features.

TikTok’s Discover tab does precisely what one would think it does — help people find new and interesting content. It’s basically the same thing that’s already on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The new Discover option resides left of the upload button, right where the Search button once sat.

The other “new” feature actually already exists, it’s just a streamline of the previous process. It’s a WhatsApp direct share tool for sending videos to friends.

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