September 20, 2022
TikTok Users can No Longer Opt Out of Personalized Ads

Sorry TikTok Users, the App Won’t Let Anyone Opt Out of Personalized Ads Anymore

TikTok is making changes to how it lets users can control ads they see, by eliminating the option to opt out of personalized ads on the app…

TikTok says that it would like to stay free to use. In order to avoid having to charge users to access the platform, the company explains it must make changes to its advertising settings. That means the social media phenomenon will have to remove one of its granular advertising controls. This being the ability to opt out of personalized advertisements while using the app.

TikTok Users can No Longer Opt Out of Personalized Ads

Currently, the app contains a setting that allows users to choose whether or not they will be served ads based on their individual activity within the app itself. However, this will change on April 15th, and “your settings will change and the ads you’ll see may start to be based on what you do on TikTok.” Although, people can still control ads based on data pulled from other applications they use and websites they visit.

The change isn’t exactly new to social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram already operate this way. On those sites, users can opt out of advertising that’s personalized based on tracking across different sites, but not the personalization based on activity within the sites themselves.

TikTok Users can No Longer Opt Out of Personalized Ads on the App
Credit: TikTok

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