October 1, 2022
Time it Would Take to Watch Every Title on Netflix

Ever Wonder How Long it Would Take to Watch Every Title on Netflix? Here’s the Answer (Probably)

Just how long would it take to watch every single movie and television show on Netflix? Here’s probably the best calculation so far…

Netflix is at the top of the streaming industry, and for good reason. It not only offers some of the most memorable movies and television series, it also has some original blockbusters of its own. For instance, Extraction has a whopping 99 million views and Bird Box 89 million, Tiger King has 64 million, and The Irishman another 64 million.

But, there are approximately 5,000 to 6,000 titles at any given time. So, how long would it take to watch every one of them? It’s a question almost every subscriber has asked him or herself. And, it turns out, it would take quite a while. In fact, long enough to earn an undergraduate degree (and then some).

Time it Would Take to Watch Every Title on Netflix Calculated

Now, those watch numbers are a reflection of how the streaming service currently counts views. Before the new policy, Netflix used to count a view when someone watched 70 percent of a movie or show. However, viewership now counts if someone watches just 2 minutes. 

Although, if someone really tried to get through every title in the Netflix catalog, and watch the entirety of each, it would take a long, long time. The team over at Reviews.org decided to attempt to quantify the amount of time and came up with this.

Currently there are nearly 5,500 titles on Netflix. Altogether, their combined runtime amounts to 36,667 hours. So, that comes to 4 years, 2 months, and about 8 days to watch everything that’s in the Netflix library right now.

To put that into a more profound context, that’s enough time to take 256 round-trips to the moon or 447 round-trips from NYC to LA.

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