October 1, 2022
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Top March 2017 U.S. Brand Social Media Publishers Chart Released

A list of the top United States social media publishers, released by Shareablee, shows which brands led in sixteen genres, from auto, to family, food and more…

During the month of March, many brands published videos to market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Of those brands, sixteen ranked highest in sixteen categories: automotive, business and finance, entertainment, family, fashion and style, food, general news, home and garden, men’s interest, nature, political, science and technology sports, teen, travel, and women’s interest.

Top March 2017 U.S. Brand Social Media Publishers Chart Released by Shareablee

According to data compiled by Shareablee, the top brand in automotive, with 1.5 million views, was Super Street Magazine. Business Insider led with 129.4 million views in business and finance, while UNILAD took the top spot in entertainment with 2.7 billion views.

March 2017 US brand social media publishers chart

Scary Mommy bested its competition in the family category with 23.8 million views, HYPEBEAST won the fashion and style with 13.5 million views, and Tasty led in the food category with 857.5 million views. For general news, USA Today reached number one with 66 million views, while Country Living Magazine topped home and garden with 129.3 million views.

Complex rose to the top in men’s interest with 64.5 million views, National Geographic led the nature category with 121.8 million views, and The Hill came in first in the political category with 32.9 million views.

The Verge ranked number one for science and technology with 17.8 million views, while Bleacher Report took the first spot in sports with 221.3 million views. Teen Vogue led its namesake category with 2.1 million views, National Geographic Travel won out in travel with 18.6 million views, and Cosmopolitan ranked highest in women’s interest with 103.3 million views.

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