August 4, 2022
transfer Google Play Music content to YouTube Music option debuts

Google Play Music will Shut Down this Year, So Google is Rolling Out a Transfer to YouTube Music Option

Google will shut down Google Play Music this year and replace it with YouTube Music, so there’s now an option to transfer media over…

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard, Google will sunset Google Play Music in favor of YouTube Music this year. The company has been working diligently to bring YouTube Music up to par with Google Play Music, though it’s still not quite there. However, Google is starting to give its users the ability to transfer their content from Play Music to YouTube Music (but not everyone, at this time).

Transfer Google Play Music Content to YouTube Music Option Debuts

Despite the fact that Google Play Music has more than 5 billion users, it’s still slated to go away sometime this year. To accommodate that transition, Play Music users can now opt to transfer over their tracks to YouTube Music. Google is now beginning to display banners on both platforms, prompting people to make the switch.

The transfer tool is available on both the web and through the mobile apps. On the net, it’s over at, while on the apps, it’s accessible through the banner message. But, not everyone will see or be able to use the transfer tool right now. However, it will become more widely available in the coming weeks.

Google Play Music to YouTube Music transfer tool

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