January 12, 2021
Travelex Ransomware Attack Temporarily Shuts Down Samsung Pay

US Samsung Pay Users Temporarily Unable to Send Money Internationally after Travelex Ransomware Attack

Foreign exchange firm Travelex was hit by ransomware, causing problems for British banks and even Samsung Pay users in the US…

A ransomware attack on foreign exchange company Travelex today temporarily resulted in Samsung Pay users in the United States to be unable to send money overseas, according to Engadget

Travelex Ransomware Attack Temporarily Shuts Down Samsung Pay

Foreign exchange house Travelex became the victim of a hack and Samsung Pay, which relies on the company’s platform, was suspended. Several of the largest banks in Britain were also affected by the attack.

To-date, the Travelex website remains inaccessible, only displaying an advisory page that informs users that the digital property has been restricted as a “precautionary measure.”

Hackers apparently demanded $6 million for the safe return of sensitive customer information. However, the company states there is no evidence at this time to indicate any customer data, including credit card information and birth dates, have been ex-filtrated. 

Samsung issued the following statement:

“We are aware of a recent incident impacting the internal systems of our partner, Travelex. Samsung Pay has not detected any abnormal activity on our own systems, and we have been informed by Travelex that there is no indication that Samsung Pay user transactions or customer data have been affected by the incident. As a precautionary measure, Samsung and Travelex decided to disable the international payment service at this time.”

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