September 16, 2022
True WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Coming Soon

WhatsApp Finally Figures Out How to Deliver True Multi-Device Support to its Users

WhatsApp is about to roll out its first genuine multi-device support to users in the next two months, after several attempts fell short…

WhatsApp multi-device support has alluded the platform for quite some time now. But soon, within the next two months, that should change. The new capabilities are something users have long asked for but have not come to fruition. Although, there have been some attempts along the way. But, those simply didn’t live up to the ultimate goal of providing true multi-device support.

True WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Coming Soon

However, WhatsApp will gain such functionality, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart, who toldĀ WABetaInfo in an interview users will actually be able to link as many as four devices to one account. Plus, the main device won’t even need an internet connection. Better still, all messages will retain their end-to-end encryption.

Of course, the feature must go through the testing process, including been added to one or more beta releases before it gains full roll out to the stable edition. It’s expected to be available to all users in the next two months. (Though it may or may not make its current anticipated schedule.)

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