November 10, 2022
Tumblr https encryption support

Tumblr has Switched Over to HTTPS Encryption for All Its Accounts

Tumblr HTTPS encryption support is now live, across the entire site, coming long after many of its peers, providing more security to users…

It’s been a long-time coming but now, it’s here. Tumblr has enabled HTTPS encryption support sitewide. 

Tumblr HTTPS Encryption Support goes Live across the Platform

Tumblr posted a brief announcement which states all its user sites now have web encryption support enabled by default.

Tumblr currently claims 464 million users, ranking number 44 on the top 100 list of sites, according to Alexa traffic data. Prior to the switch-over, Tumblr remained the highest ranked site without HTTPS protection.

In a previous effort, the platform did make HTTPS available to site owners but those users were required to turn the feature on manually.

Tumblr published the following post on its engineering hub:

“In a long-overdue launch, after several iterations, we’re happy to announce that HTTPS is now enabled on all Tumblrs!

Setting up a new Tumblr? It’s enabled! Already have one (or more) of the 464.5 million existing Tumblrs? It’s enabled! Adding a custom domain name to your Tumblr? It’s enabled! Nothing more for you to do except enjoy a more secure Tumblr experience.

Check out our help docs for more info.”

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