September 21, 2021
Twitch Apple TV support

Twitch Rolls Out its Official App for Apple TV

Twitch officially debuts its own app for Apple TV, after running a beta test last month, now available for gamers and viewers alike…

Starting today, there’s an official Twitch app for Apple TV. The app has already been out in the wild for consoles, mobile devices, and Android TV boxes for years. Which meant Apple TV owners had to resort to using third-party apps.

Twitch-Apple TV Support goes Live

Last month, Twitch rolled out a public beta of its new Apple TV app and now, the final iteration is ready for full use.

Twitch users can now live-stream games, view clips on-demand, and join other screen chats. It closely resembles the beta release, being similar to Twitch’s other applications. 

Besides gaming, Twitch also hosts different types of broadcasts, including Thursday Night NFL games.

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