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iOS Device Owners can Now Subscribe to Twitch Streamers (but Doing so Costs a Dollar More than Desktop)

Twitch iOS subscriptions

Credit: Twitch

Twitch audience members can now subscribe to their favorite streamers on iOS but it comes at a slightly higher cost than desktop…

Now, Twitch users can subscribe to streams directly from the app on iOS. It offers the same benefits of a web membership, including ad-free viewing, sub badges, channel emotes, and sub-only chats. (Plus, it supports the partner or affiliate monetarily.)

Twitch iOS Subscriptions now Available but More Expensive than on Desktop

The new Twitch iOS subscriptions do, however, differ from desktop. Subscribers must purchase iOS Sub Tokens through the app — which is good for a month-long Tier 1 subscription. Customers can redeem up to 12 at once per streamer in order to keep their subscriptions running for an entire year.

Although, said tokens come at a marginally higher price — due to Apple’s App Store feed. Instead of being $4.99 for desktop, it’s $5.99 or people can opt to purchase two for $8.99 until the end of the month.

Another downside is it doesn’t seem possible to use Twitch Prime subscriptions through the iOS app, either.

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