November 3, 2022
Twitch redesign

Twitch will Get a New Look ahead of Twitchcon 2019

There’s a Twitch redesign about to roll out, after a year of planning and rethinking, which is scheduled to go live before the upcoming Twitchcon…

As Twitchcon gets underway, there’s a new look for Twitch. For about a year, the internal team put a lot of time and effort into its improvements.

Twitch Redesign Scheduled ahead of 2019 Twitchcon

The new Twitch redesign brings with it a new purple, along with a new font called Roobert, that’s based on the Moog synthesizer typeface. Additionally, the new experience come with twenty new colors.

It’s also not as blocky as its predecessor and its new font is accessible. The company likewise plans to add a high contrast feature for even more accessibility.

Moreover, there’s a new slogan, “You’re already one of us.” 

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