October 28, 2020
Twitch Streamer Channel Page Redesign Rolling Out

Twitch Takes a Cue from YouTube by Revamping Streamers’ Channel Pages

Twitch is launching a revamped design of its streamers’ channel pages, which takes a considerable number of elements from YouTube…

Right now, visiting the channel page of a Twitch streamer who is offline is a sparse experience. It only contains a few top clips, along with some recent broadcasts. But, that’s about to be a thing of the past. Twitch is giving its channel pages an overhaul — one that’s long overdue. 

Twitch Streamer Channel Page Redesign Rolling Out

Over the coming weeks, Twitch will roll out a new experience to all its streamers. Users will have the ability to customize their channel pages, complete with options like custom branding, curated videos, and more. These will give streamers the ability to showcase their favorites and offer visitors a glimpse of their personalities.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it takes a lot of features from YouTube. The world’s largest video hosting platform puts quite a bit of emphasis on elements like channel art, a trailer, video shelves, as well as a bio and social media links. 

When available, Twitch streamers can then customize the appearance of their channel pages, including selecting big banners, larger avatars, and color schemes. They’ll also have the option to post a bio, link to their social profiles, and organize videos.

“We’ve spent the past year testing, listening to feedback from our community, and refining the page to ensure we were delivering an experience that not only made it easier for streamers to define who they are, but improved how viewers discover new creators and communities. We’re excited to announce that the new and improved channel page begins rolling out today.”

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