November 4, 2022
Twitch Studio

Twitch Introduces Twitch Studio, a Desktop Broadcasting App

Twitch unveils a standalone desktop live broadcasting app called Twitch Studio, in closed beta, giving creators another option…

Now, Twitch personalities can immediately go online and livestream activities through a new desktop portal, Twitch Studio.

Twitch Studio Desktop Broadcasting App Beta Debuts

The new Twitch Studio is designed with newcomers in-mind. It’s simple to use and does not require much setup to start broadcasting.

All users need to do is hook up a microphone and/or webcam and select a style for their stream. Twitch says it plans to add capture card support, in-game overlays, and deeper integration with other Twitch features in the coming months. 

The official website explains:

“Streamers are at the core of every community on Twitch, so we’re building an all-in-one streaming app designed for new streamers. Twitch Studio has features that guide you through your stream setup, plus tools that make it easy to engage with your community while you stream.

Interested in helping shape the future for new streamers on Twitch? Sign up for the beta below. We’re opening up spots to more people over time, so keep an eye out for an email if you don’t get one right away!”

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