February 26, 2021
Twitch to Remove Clips Containing Copyrighted Music

Twitch Says it Will Start Scanning and Deleting Clips that include Copyrighted Music

Twitch, the hugely popular gaming streaming service, states it will soon begin to find and remove clips that contain copyrighted music…

Amazon subsidiary live-streaming service Twitch has announced its intentions to scan its database and delete any clips that include copyrighted music. The network will use Audible Magic technology to identify posted content that contains unlicensed tunes, in order to comply with the many DMCA takedown requests the company receives. 

Twitch to Remove Clips Containing Copyrighted Music

Twitch already routinely performs this practice. But, it only does so with lengthy content. When the site finds uploads with intellectual property, it mutes sections. However, it hasn’t applied the technology to shorter content. That means, clips have gone under the radar for quite some time now but that will change in the near future.

Twitch is working with IP holders such as Universal Music Group, Disney, and Warner Music Group. The company states it won’t penalize streamers and it hasn’t announced how or when it will offer an appeal process. 

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