September 11, 2021
Twitch TuneMoji musical GIF extension

Twitch Users can Now Add Musical GIFs, Thanks to this TuneMoji Extension

A Twitch TuneMoji musical GIF extension integration now allows users to make their streams more interesting with fun animations…

Twitch streamers now have the ability to celebrate wins with musical GIFs. The Amazon subsidiary is about to get a new extension, adding support for TuneMoji. For those unfamiliar, TuneMoji is a audio-visual mashup tool which allows people to create short clips.

Soon, Twitch creators can add musicla animations in live broadcasts and viewers can also join in by sharing GIFs of their own in chats.

Twitch TuneMoji Musical GIF Extension Integration Debuts

This isn’t the first time Twitch has accommodated GIFs. It’s actually offered support for the animation extensions since 2017. For instance, the platform introduced a Giphy add-on last year.

However, TuneMoji is a bit different. It gives people the power to combine existing GIFs and images, then pair them up with looping audio. So, it’s akin to TicTok. 

TuneMoji boasts over 30 million users, who’ve created animations. Or, people can opt to make their own.

There’s also granular control creators have over how viewers share TuneMoji content. Streamers can dictate how viewers share their TuneMoji stuff. For example, it’s possible to setup the account to allow only paying subscribers to share musical GIFs.

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