October 1, 2022
Twitch's Prime Video Watch Party Option is Now Available to Everyone

Twitch has Made its Prime Video Watch Parties available to Everyone

Twitch now lets anyone join in on Prime Video watch parties, but there’s a few caveats to access the entertainment events, of course…

Amazon’s Twitch platform is aiming to be more than just a destination for video game streaming. So, it’s added a few features to make it more appealing to a wider user base. That’s the case with Prime Video watch parties, which the platform tested in a closed beta run in the US. Now, it is out of the experimental phase and is open to anyone who’d like to join in on group entertainment.

Twitch’s Prime Video Watch Party Option is Now Available to Everyone

The new Twitch Prime Video watch party option is ideal for sharing an experience with people practically all over the world. Of course, there are some catches. For example, everyone who’s invited must have an active Prime Video subscription. Also, the Prime Video catalog differs from region to region — meaning some content is only available in the US or the UK and not elsewhere. Lastly, it’s only for large screens, as it’s not accessible through mobile devices.

“Our global creator community has been eagerly awaiting the full release of Watch Parties ever since our closed beta with a small group of creators in October. Well, grab your PopCorn and gather your community, because today we’re officially rolling out Watch Parties to all creators worldwide.

With Watch Parties, you can kick back, relax, and connect with your community while you enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows on Prime Video.”

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