December 8, 2021
Twitter ads

Get Ready to See a Lot more Ads on Twitter

Twitter is showing more ads to more people on the platform, changing the frequency it previously used, in a possible bid to boost earnings…

Twitter will show more ads to more users in there feeds. The change comes as the social microblog attempts to increase its revenue.

The company tells CNBC it typically surfaces fewer ads to users with a large audience of followers.

In fact, some people may have never encountered ads at all, depending on their follower count.

Twitter Ad Appearance Frequency to Rise for All Users

Twitter previously showed few to no ads to users with big numbers of followers. It did so to keep those people happy, thus increasing their time on site and upping their repeat visits.

Now, all this is changing as the site will show more ads across its platform to all users. This might cause a marketed change for some, while others might not even notice the difference.

A spokesperson for Twitter released the following statement:

“Historically, users with high follower counts have seen fewer ads. Recently, we’ve shifted our approach to showing ads to everyone who uses Twitter and as a result, some will notice an increase in the number of ads they’re seeing.”

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