May 20, 2022
Twitter advanced privacy controls

Twitter Advanced Privacy Controls Added, along with New Data Collection Methods

New Twitter advanced privacy controls come to the social microblog, as well as new data collection methods, in a large update to the network…

Twitter has announced it is working hard to make content more relevant to its users. At the same time, the social network is likewise working to deliver the most transparent privacy policy, as well as data controls.

Twitter Advanced Privacy Controls Added, New Data Collection Methods Introduced

Twitter states it is giving its users more granular control how their information is accessed and how it is used. In the coming days, Twitter is rolling out increased transparency, new controls, and personalization across devices. 

“…we’re announcing a suite of industry-leading tools to give you more access to your information and greater, more granular control over how it’s used. We’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the improvements that we’ve made to Twitter.”

Twitter is expanding its user data to provide users with their information, including demographics, interests, and audience inclusion from advertisers. The social network states each category is marked clearly, and users can view, as well as modify their data.

Twitter advanced privacy controls screenshot
Credit: Twitter

“We’re launching new Personalization and Data settings that offer even more granular control over how we use your data, including how we personalize your Twitter experience and whether information may be shared through certain partnerships. You can use these controls to better personalize your experience on Twitter and opt out of various types of data usage and sharing with a single switch.”

Twitter advanced controls screenshot
Credit: Twitter

Twitter is also personalizing experiences across devices. Read the full announcement here.

Recently, staff engineers explained how the Twitter Timelines ranking algorithm works. The company announced at the beginning of the month it will place vertical video ads into Twitter Moments.

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